10 Reasons to attend IELTS FREE seminars

26 Apr 2016
10 Reasons to attend IELTS FREE seminars

Is attending an IELTS FREE seminar for you?

If you plan on writing the test, then they are a great source of information that will help you to succeed. There are many opportunities to attend IELTS FREE seminars. One way is to register for the Masterclass Webinar online. FREE seminars are also run out of many IELTS Centres: Free Seminar Schedule

Here are 10 reasons why you should take advantage of the Master Class or the Free Seminars:

1) See how IELTS is assessed

IELTS tests your skill in four areas: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. The information sessions provide more detail about how each of these areas is rated. You will be able to identify where you personally need to improve.

2) Know what skills examiners look for

know what examiners are looking forAs with any test you take with examiners, there are particular skills that they look for. For example if you take a driving test, the examiner will assess how well you turn and park. IELTS examiners also look for certain skills. The presenter will highlight specific language skills that you need to be able to perform well on the test.

3) Identify common mistakes

There are some common mistakes that test takers make which prevent them from reaching their desired score. The good news is that you don’t need to make them. The FREE seminar will point out how to avoid making common mistakes in all areas of the test.

4) Understand the difference between the test types

One of the unique features of IELTS is that it offers two different test versions: Academic and General Training. The version that is best for you will depend on your educational background and purpose for taking the test. The FREE seminar will help you to determine which version of the test is right for you.

5) Ability to ask questions

question mark IELTSThe FREE seminar and the Masterclass are interactive sessions. The presenter is well acquainted with the IELTS test. If you attend a Masterclass or a FREE seminar you will have the opportunity to ask your own specific personal questions.

6) Learn about the band descriptors

Speaking Band Descriptors    Writing Band Descriptors

Examiners are trained to rate the writing and speaking scripts based on a standard set of criteria. These criteria are called the band descriptors. The presenter at a FREE IELTS seminar will be able to explain what types of language structures the band descriptors cover. In addition, they can point out the minimum key elements required to reach a specific band score. Knowing the expectations of the scores will help you to achieve your goal.

7) Learn how to maximize your writing score

Improve your writing scoreYou will find out how to write a written response that clearly showcases your writing skills. Analyzing the written prompt is a key strategy for fully developing your written response. The presenters will give you several examples of how to analyze the prompt effectively.

8) Learn how to maximize your reading time

One of the most common remarks from test takers is that they were unable to finish the reading section of the test. The presenters can describe how to use different types of reading skills for the different questions types. You will learn which sections of the test you need to read in detail and which sections you can read quickly.

9) Sample questions and answers

There are many resources available to find sample questions: Practice Tests
However, when you attend a FREE IELTS Seminar you will be able to interact with the presenter to ask questions about the test that are relevant to you. The samples that will be given are good examples of the common types of questions you will see on the test.

10) Get more information about the speaking part of the test

Speaking testFor many test takers, anticipating the speaking section causes a lot of anxiety. It’s difficult to practice for the speaking section on your own. Not only will the presenter walk you through all three parts of the speaking exam, but you will have the opportunity to see and hear a test taker do the exam. You will be told what band score the test taker received and how this score connects to the band descriptors. Most attendees find that seeing and hearing a speaker and knowing how they scored will reduce the anxious feelings about the speaking portion.

Need more reasons?

Remember, nothing helps you to do better on the IELTS test than using and improving your English skills every day. If you feel good about your English skills, being prepared for the test is the next logical step. Attending FREE Seminars is a great addition to your preparatory process. Learning about the IELTS test from IELTS professionals for free is an excellent step toward success.


This was a fantastic presentation! It was very clear, practical and moved at a good pace. I would highly recommend these webinars
Shauna, Student
I like that they are open to give us some information and kind of training course without any cost so we can get ready for this important test.
Danna, Student
Instructions before the IELTS written and speaking test were very clear and the people were nice and helpful. I found the written test pretty good. It was not too difficult, nor too simple. The results came quickly and I was accepted in the program and I am currently in the middle of my first year exams.
Nicholas Cletz, Company CEO
IDP IELTS Masterclass really helpful, as preparation for the IELTS exam and give us support in many ways to improve our English.
Leny, Company CEO
The webinar which was held on the 1st of November was satisfactory, informative and valuable. All the questions were answered and explained in a proper way. Thank you!
Olena, Company CEO
IELTS has been growing steadily for 20 years because it works. It’s good to know that IELTS has been the choice of millions of people over the years. IELTS stood out immediately because it tests all four skills – reading, writing, speaking and listening, giving a well-rounded assessment of my English
Arnik Surasarang, Teacher
Thanks to IDP IELTS Masterclass for the interesting webinar, it was very informative, well organised and practical.
Hussein, Student
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