The Most Commonly Asked Questions: Can I Cancel My IELTS Test?

11 May 2017
The Most Commonly Asked Questions: Can I Cancel My IELTS Test?

You’ve just checked your passport and found that it’s expired. Panic! You’d planned to register for an IELTS test today, which is now impossible without a valid passport. Before you do anything, do NOT register for the IELTS without a valid identification document.

In Canada, the only two pieces of ID that are accepted for IELTS registration. These are:

  • a valid passport or
  • a valid Permanent Resident card

Remember that you will be required to provide the EXACT SAME valid ID you used at registration on test-day. So sit down, relax, and let’s start planning your next steps.

At IDP IELTS, we want to ensure that your test experience is positive. We also understand that sometimes ‘life happens’ and that things don’t always go as planned. At times like these, we want to make sure that we set the right expectations, and give you all the information you need to make the best decision for your situation.

You call the passport office and they tell you it’ll take at least two weeks for them to process the renewal. Now you’re thinking: how soon can I book the next test? Here’s what you need to know:

As per IELTS terms and conditions, tests cancelled MORE than 5 weeks before your scheduled test date can receive a full refund of the registration fee, minus an administrative charge of $75. However, if you wish to cancel your test LESS than 5 weeks before the test date, you will not receive a refund. You are responsible for the full test fee UNLESS you provide evidence of a serious cause.

To minimize your stress, our general advice is to register well in advance. If the passport office says they will take two weeks, allow for as much extra time as possible. Make sure there is no chance that you will miss the test because your passport didn’t arrive on time. Book ahead, and use the extra time to work through our free practice tests, read expert advice on our blog, and attend a free IELTS masterclass webinar!

Also important to know is that if you wish to change your test date MORE than 5 weeks before the scheduled test date, you will be charged an administrative fee of $75, and will only be able to transfer to dates within the next 3 months which have available space.

It is important for candidates to understand that these global terms and conditions exist to ensure the procedural integrity and security that define IELTS as the most renowned English Language proficiency test in the world. Having said that, the people who work at IELTS care about helping their candidates. IELTS staff understands that sometimes circumstances are beyond your control, and in exceptional cases, test centres can award refunds and/or transfers based on the availability of sufficient evidence. Examples of series cases include hospitalization or the death of an immediate family member and types of evidence include hospital notes.

It is always a good idea to confirm the cancellation policy with your respective test centre prior to registration for a test.

Remember, good planning is the first step to success! Good luck.


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